Places and Settings

I take pictures of settings that inspire my romantic writing.

Sometimes I see a building or a scene that could fit right into the ”Love at Lake Clyde” series. I love to share these pictures with my readers.

If you have pictures that inspire romance, please share them.

There’s something about a pair of chairs near the water that always makes me wistful

Lake Champlain in Vermont. But this could be sunset over Lake Clyde. The time and setting for a very steamy romantic scene between Ewan and Conner in ”Master of the Wild”, book 2 in the series

I was enthralled when I saw this tattoo parlor and hairdresser in a village in New Hampshire. It made me think of Mandy’s tattoo parlor and salon in Clydesdale.

Picture this scene at night with candles and fairy lights strung up. This is where Ewan shows how much he cares about Conner, giving him the fairy tale magic that the younger man craves. A scene from “Master of the Wild” (book 2 in the series).

I am currently scouting for locations for book 3 in the series. I think I need to have some of the action happen on Nantucket. Such a romantic place.

Another beautiful lake view that meshes with my idea of what the wild side of Lake Clyde would look like. Two guys could easily find a quiet spot for some sexy alone time in that forest. Watch for this in ”Master of the Wild”.