Wherever I go, I take pictures of romantic settings as inspiration for my novels. Sometimes I see a building or a place that makes me think of Clydesdale. I love sharing these pictures with my readers.

Feel free to send me pictures that inspire romance. Il

Sunset over a lake in New Hampshire. This could be Lake Clyde

This waterfall inspired me to write a super romantic love scene for “Master of the Wild”, the second book in the Love at Lake Clyde series.

Another picture from my vacation in New England. Beautiful scenery that had me dreaming up a string of possibilities for the next novel.

In ”Master of the Wild”, I have a supporting character, Mandy. She is the local hairstylist and tattoo artist. Hence I was thrilled to see this tattoo parlor / hair salon on my travels.

I can see why so many novels are set on Nantucket. The air is full of possibilities.

The third novel in the ”Love at Lake Clyde” series will definitely involve some sailing scenes around Nantucket. This is my mental picture of the house where Tyler Matthews will spend some time with his med school friends (and maybe, finally, find true love.)