Ewan: I had proven to myself, repeatedly, that I could have highly satisfying relationships while protecting my heart from any serious involvement. So why not take in a roommate with benefits? I was safe. Heck, Conner O’Reilly wasn’t even my type. This London city guy with his pale skin and designer clothes surely wasn’t going to last long in the wilderness of Clydesdale anyway. There was nothing to fear.

Conner: How on earth had I ended up in the Sierras, where creatures like Ewan Driscoll roamed free? Wild, tattooed, gorgeous, messed up Ewan, who could fix any and everything. Anything except a broken heart. Logic told me to extricate myself from Ewan’s screwed-up world, get back to civilization and get on with my own life. But my treacherous heart made me linger.

Will Conner be sensible and get his life back on track, or will his heart lead him into the wilderness?


Clifford: After years of hard work and training, I finally have the chance of fulfilling my lifelong dream of winning the Tour de France. Nothing can be allowed to distract me from this mission, especially not Gabe O’Reilly, the adorable art student from San Francisco. But he looks so vulnerable – all alone in France.

I would be failing in my patriotic duty to a fellow American if I didn’t take care of him, wouldn’t I? And what possible harm could come from spending twenty-four hours with him on the shores of the Mediterranean? I deserve that little break, don’t I?

Gabe: I have never seen a human specimen as perfect as Clifford Du Frey. During our fleeting encounter in Paris, I saw a man who was funny, caring, and tender – so very different from the way the media portray him. He is everything I could ever dream of in a boyfriend.

But in what universe will an international sports superstar pay any serious attention to me?

Do not get involved, my brain yells; you can only get hurt again. But my heart is thrumming to a different tune.